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Blackboard-New Course Request

Creating a Blackboard Course

Blackboard courses are created automatically (as courses folders are on eDisk) eliminating the need to request individual Blackboard courses. To view your Blackboard courses, please log on to Blackboard @ F&M.

When to request a manually created course

  • You are teaching two sections of the same course and would like two separate Blackboard courses. Please contact the  with the following information:
    • Course Name:* (e.g., Introduction to Biology)
    • Course ID:* (e.g., BIO100)
    • Course Section: (e.g.; A, B)
    • Semester for Course Use
  • Non-Academic courses.
    • Special non-course requests for Blackboard use require the approval of the Chief Information Officer.

NOTE: Only Franklin & Marshall faculty can request the creation of Blackboard courses for use in recognized College courses.

Blackboard  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more information on the Blackboard, contact the .