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Administrative Computing Advisory Group (ACAG)

The Administrative Computing Advisory Group (ACAG) was formed in the spring of 2009. The intent of the group is to gather those across campus who are most involved with our current administrative systems to help prioritize projects and improve the capabilities of our systems and the services we provide. It currently meets monthly.
The formal charge is to promote an environment in which administrative systems are robust, well supported and best able to be leveraged to our advantage as operating practices of the College evolve. In this role, the group will advise the Chief Information Officer (CIO) on the challenging task of prioritizing projects for Information Technology Services. The group also serves as the formal means of communication among the principal users of the Administrative Systems. It reviews college policies relating to administrative information systems, and where it deems appropriate, suggests revisions. The CIO convenes the Committee.
Designees of: 
The Provost (2) (C. Yerkes and A. Gulati)
The Dean of the College (T. DeKay)
The Vice President of Advancement (B. Wile)
The Vice President of Administrative Affairs (B. Bosley)
The Vice President of College Communications (S. Dasgupta)
The Vice President of Enrollment Management (M. Lui)
The Vice President of Finance (K. Elliehausen-Slobozian)
The Director of Enterprise Software and Web Services, Ex-officio (P. Clark)
The Director of Networking and Systems, Ex-officio (A. Sutter)
The Director of Web Services, Ex-officio (open)
The Chief Information Officer, Ex-officio, Convener (J. Enos)
Appointed – two students