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Listing of Projects (completed, current and proposed)

 For a full listing of Projects with description, status and proposed time-lines, click on the link below.

Projects Completed / Ongoing
Back Up Service for FPS clients
Emergency Notification System(e2campus)
Private Credit Card Information (PCI)
Disaster Recovery Site Management
Email: Limit FPS to official traffic
Preferred Name Default for LDAP
Calendar of Events Integration (phase one)
Content Management System (CMS) migration to new platform
On-line "Names and Numbers" Directory
Higher Education Act - compliance checklist
Internet Connection management

Projects In Progress
IT Advocate / Liaison Program
On-line Budgets year round
Identity Management - Windows Campus Clients
Identity Management - Single Sign On and External Authentication
Classroom IT Renewal
Implement project approval and priority forms for IT governance
Research Computing Support

Projects Proposed to ACAG
On-line time sheets and vacation reporting
Print vs. on-line Course Catalog
Password Change Management
Consolidate email blast messages to off-campus groups
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Study

Projects In Planning
Data Classification and Encryption
Improve MySQL Database redundancy
Cloud Computing - options for F&M
Learning Management Systems - do we stay with Bb and if so, at what level?

Projects On Hold / Not Started
Options to current "F&M hosted" Email system (outsource student accounts; outsource all)
Cloud Computing - next steps