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How to Submit a Project Proposal

The Administrative Computing Advisory Group (ACAG) Project Proposal form is designed to provide basic information about your proposed project. Please consult with the appropriate Director in ITS for assistance by calling the ITS Operations Coordinator at 717.291-4161 before completing the form.

The form itself is a word template document which you can download by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Please fill in the gray boxes and save as a new word document. Once it is filled out, please send it as an email attachment to Jon Enos at

  1. Components of the Proposal
  2. Sponsor and Requester
  3. Type (New, Enhancement, Replacement, Fix, Upgrade, Other)
  4. Benefits (Select the categories that best describe the benefits realized and what groups would be impacted through this proposed project.)
  5. Description (When possible, provide the objective and deliverables that are expected as a result of this project. Distinguish between the "must haves" and the "nice to haves".)
  6. Time-line (Provide a need by date and if there are any specific deadlines)
  7. Support (What level of support will be provided by your department and how will it be tested and documented - talk with ITS to get help with this portion of the proposal)
  8. Alternatives (Describe if there are any and what is the impact of doing nothing?)
  9. Cost (Outline the resources and funding necessary to accomplish the proposed objectives)
  10. Ratings (see chart for rating the Benefit, Cost, Visibility/Impact and Risk for this project)