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eDisk provides personal space for electronic document storage and information exchange for the Franklin & Marshall community that is available everywhere... at least everywhere there is a computer connected to the internet!

Each eDisk space has private folders, public folders, sites folders and more. Download this pdf to find out who can access your eDisk:
Who can access your eDisk?

eDisk NetID & Password

Authentication for eDisk requires your NetID and unified password, the same as your email.

To select or to modify your NetID password, visit Passwords at Franklin & Marshall web site.

Curricular Uses of eDisk

Faculty members who would like help with the development of coursework related eDisk projects and how eDisk can be used with Blackboard should contact an Instructional Technologist/Designer from the Instructional & Emerging Technologies group of ITS.

eDisk Policies

The general guidelines of the College Responsible Computing Policy and Personal Computing Support Policy apply to appropriate use of and support for eDisk resources. Members of the College community are also bound by local, state, and federal laws relating to copyrights, security, and other statutes regarding electronic media. The College reserves the right to limit, restrict, or extend computing privileges and access to its information resources. Violation of the terms of the Franklin & Marshall Responsible Computing policy may result in the loss of computing privileges at all computing facilities.

Franklin & Marshall observes the Fair Use Doctrine of Copyrighted Media as defined by the Copyright Laws of the United States.

eDisk @ Franklin & Marshall is provided "as is." CGIs, SSIs, PHP/mySQL and other file and/or web server applications are not supported by eDisk.

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