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Equipment Loan

 While you are in the Innovation Zone (IZ), technology is available for you to borrow. The process is simple: exchange your F&M I.D. for the equipment you need. Use it as long as you like ... as long as you remain within the IZ. When you're finished using the loaner equipment and/or ready to leave the IZ, simple return the technology to an IZ Consultant and pick up your F&M I.D.!

IZ Loaner Equipment may not be removed from the Innovation Zone. If you need to borrow technology for longer periods of time and/or to use in different venues around the campus, visit the Campus Equipment Loan Pool in Media Services.

Equipment available for loan within the IZ includes:

  • Wireless keyboards and mice
  • Apple TV remotes [more info...]
  • SMART wireless Airliner Slate
  • USB 25-key Midi keyboard [more info...]
  • USB headphones with microphones
  • Composite AV cables to connect your Video iPod to a plasma monitor

See an ITS IZ Consultant at the iZone/Solutions Center to borrow technology and/or for assistance with the equipment.

Something we don't have that you think we should? Please let us know! Drop your suggestion into the Comments/Suggestion Box at the iZone/Solutions Center counter or  an e-mail.