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Innovation Zone

Located in the heart of campus in the Harris Center, the Innovation Zone is designed primarily for student/faculty interaction and to foster new models of learning and collaborative activities. Creative lighting, large interactive displays, desktop and laptop computers, and comfortable seating all combine to form a modern, relaxed atmosphere perfect for individual or group study or just to relax and talk. Welcome to the IZ!

  • IZ Panorama

Technology is designed to be part of the IZ, but is not the focus of the space. Some areas - or zones - are designed to support wireless, portable devices - technology only when it's needed. Spread out work on large flat surfaces, borrow equipment from the Tech Lending Center, pull in a white board, and slide in a few more chairs as collaborations expand. Settle into a cozy chair, start that outline for a paper or project, then save those ideas to the cloud for later review.

Five 50 inch, high-definition plasma displays are perfect for small group study and also double as digital signage and for slideshows during open houses or receptions. Take a break and catch the latest news on CNN or congressional hearings on C-SPAN or Skype with a friend or family member - across the state or around the world.

Need a place to work on a statistical analysis or mathematical modeling? The Innovation Zone provides access to those tools too. In fact, all of the standard software licensed by the College is installed on the computers in the IZ. You can also explore 3D modelling and fabrication with our 3D printer and associated software.

Most of the zones are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but a few can be reserved in advance. Schedule the Media Production Suite for those longer-term, more sophisticated digital media projects. Reserve the Conference-Collaboration Suite for your project team audio or video-conference, view a BluRay video with your classmates or colleagues, or brainstorm with your group in a professional setting. Plan to move larger group sessions into the IZ Classroom when you need more space or want some technology training from ITS staff.

The IZ opens early and closes late. Spend a few minutes between classes checking email or printing a paper or a few hours working on an assignment or new media project. The space is flexible and can easily accommodate students and faculty working alone or collaborating in small to medium sized groups. Professional and student staff are available to help - if asked - with the most minor to very complex information technology questions and digital media projects.


  • Appropriate Use: The Innovation Zone is designed primarily for student/faculty interaction supporting teaching and learning and for activities compatible with the College's mission.
  • Eating and Drinking in the IZ: While food and drink are welcome in the IZ, we ask that you please throw away your trash, clean up your crumbs, and keep the keyboards coffee-free!
  • IZ Special Uses: The IZ is designed primarily for student/faculty interaction and to foster new models of learning and collaborative activities. Requests for using the IZ for special events should be directed to the .