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Instructional Design and Development Support

Information Technology Services (ITS), through the Instructional & Emerging Technologies (IET) group, provides support for the design and development of methodologies and tools for presenting electronic instructional materials including classroom presentations, mulitmedia, and web-based instructional resources .IET instructional technologists/designers are available to consult with and assist faculty in the instructional design and development process of electronic curricular projects.

ITS staff provide various forms of direct support to Franklin & Marshall faculty and students for a variety of instructional media production software and course materials distribution applications. We will be glad to discuss our services at department meetings or discuss related topics of special interest with small groups of department faculty.

For more information, please contact the Director of IET.

Instructional Design Process

When designing educational computer applications and collections of electronic instructional materials, it is important to follow a systematic process of instructional design and development. Careful planning can help to ensure that, after what can be months of work, your final product accomplishes your predetermined instructional goals and objectives.

  • What do you want your instruction to accomplish?
    Define goals and objectives as specifically as possible.
  • How is this content most effectively learned? 
    Select instructional methods, strategies, and activities.
  • How do you determine the extent to which learning has been achieved?
    Determine methods for evaluating your design and student learning.
  • What are the personal and institutional resources required?
    Examine development requirements, resources, and issues including development time, learning environment, staff support, materials maintenance, and site management.
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