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Instructional Technology Support - Faculty

IET staff support a variety of opportunities, services, programs, and facilities for College faculty to learn more about the possibilities and potential of using educational technology as tools to enhance instruction both in and out of the classroom. IET is located in the lower level of the Harris Center.

Instructional Design and Development Support:
IET provides individual faculty consultations on technology utilization, project design, software development tools, and education copyright/fair use issues. Our staff will be glad to discuss our services at department meetings or discuss related topics of special interest with small groups of department faculty.

Instructional Media Production Support:
IET supports instructional materials production utilizing traditional and electronic "new" media elements like pictures, brief audio segments,and short video vignettes can be acquired by borrowing media equipment or "digitized" at a Digital Media Creation Station.

Instructional Materials Communication and Distribution:
IET provides support for College faculty in the presentation and electronic distribution of course materials to the learners. IET-supported systems include internet-based course materials distribution systems like Blackboard and eDisk.

Instructional Technology Resources:
IET provides resources that support faculty in the design, production, and delivery of digital course materials including online learning materials like QuickStarts, software tools, current technology news, links to related off-campus resources, and sources of clip media.

IET Events for College Faculty:
Formal and informal opportunities throughout the academic year centered around instructional technology tools and themes including workshops, technology demonstrations, and discussions focused on teaching, learning, and technology.

CAT-Supported Programs for College Faculty:
The Committee on Academic Technology (CAT) establishes and coordinates the Faculty Computer Upgrade Program and other programs and reviews college policies relating to academic technology.

Student Instructional Technology Support Services:
IET collaborates with College faculty in supporting students' use of instructional media and technology resources through a variety of student-centered services, programs, and facilities.

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