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Instructional Technology Support - Students

IET, located in the Harris Center, supports opportunities for Franklin & Marshall students to use educational technology in College-sponsored curricular activities through the resources listed below:

Instructional Media Production Support:
Instructional materials utilizing digital "new" media elements like pictures, brief audio segments, and short video vignettes can be acquired by or "digitized" at a Digital Media Creation Station using available software tools.

Instructional Materials Access and Distribution:
IET provides support for students in the electronic access and distribution of course materials. IET-supported internet-based course materials distribution systems include Blackboard and eDisk.

Instructional Technology Resources:
IET provides resources that support students in the design, production, and delivery of digital course materials including online learning materials like QuickStarts.

Technology Demonstrations:
By students for students! IET Instructional Media Consultants host information events on a variety of topics related to instructional technology at Franklin & Marshall.

Student Help and Project Consulting:
Individual student help and consultations on technology utilization, project design, and instructional media development tools are available by appointment with an IET Student Instructional Media consultant, or during open hours in the eLearning Laboratory (eLL).

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