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eDisk Working Group

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With the support of the CITC, ITS is creating an eDisk Working Group to plan for the eventual replacement of eDisk.  The existing eDisk infrastructure is quite aged and no longer supported by the manufacturer.  As well, much of the infrastructure was put in place long before many of the other tools we have available to us today, from Google Apps to Blackboard and even our current web site management suite.  Careful assessment of what needs to be provided is the first step in planning this project.  This needs assessment is slated to be complete by December 2014.

Phone System Needs Assessment

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With the support of the College Information Technology Committee (CITC), ITS has contracted with Vantage Technology Consulting Group to complete a campus needs assessment as we plan for an eventual migration to Voice Over IP (VOIP) for our campus telephone system.  This is the first step in our planning for this eventual large initiative.  If you or your office is contacted about participating in the needs analysis phase, we hope you will provide your insights.  This needs assessment is slated to be complete by mid-Fall.