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Jeffrey S. Podoshen

Associate Professor of Marketing, Chair of Business, Organizations & Society
Office: HAR115


Ph.D., Temple University, Fox School of Business

M.B.A.,  Temple University, Fox School of Business

B.S., University of Delaware, Lerner College of Business & Economics

Research Interests

Dark Tourism, Equity Theory, Consumer Behavior, Materialism


Recent articles published in Refereed Journals

Venkatesh, Vivek, Jeffrey S. Podoshen, Kathryn Urbaniak and Jason Wallin (2014), "Eschewing Community: Black Metal," forthcoming at Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S., Andrzejewksi, Susan and James Hunt (2014), “Materialism, Conspicuous Consumption and American Hip-Hop Subculture,” forthcoming at Journal of International Consumer Marketing.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S., Vivek Venkatesh and Zheng Jin (2014), “Theoretical Reflections on Dystopian Consumer Culture: Black Metal,” forthcoming at Marketing Theory.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. (2013), “Dark Tourism Motivations: Simulation, Emotional
Contagion and Topographic Comparison,” Tourism Management, 35 (April), 263-271.

Segal, Brenda W. and Jeffrey S. Podoshen (2013),  “An Examination of Materialism, Conspicuous Consumption and Gender Differences,” International Journal of Consumer Studies, 37 (2), 189-198.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. and Susan A. Andrzejewski (2012), “An Investigation into the Relationships Between Materialism, Conspicuous Consumption, Brand Loyalty and Impulse Buying.”  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 20 (3): 319-334.

Dobscha, Susan, Jenna Drenten, Kent Drummond, Terrance Gabel, Christopher Hackley, Sidney Levy, Jeffrey Podoshen, Dennis Rook, Katherine Sredl, Rungpaka Amy Tiwaskul and Ekant Veer (2012), “Death and All His Friends: The Role of Identity, Ritual, and Disposition in the Consumption of Death,” Advances in Consumer Research, XL, Association for Consumer Resarch.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. and James M. Hunt (2011), “Equity Restoration, The Holocaust and Tourism of Sacred Sites,” Tourism Management, 32: 1332-1342.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S., Lu Li and Junfeng Zhang (2010), "Materialism and Conspicuous Consumption in China: A Cross-Cultural Examination," International Journal of Consumer Studies, 35 (1): 17-25.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. and James M. Hunt (2009), "Animosity, Collective Memory and Equity Restoration: Consumer Reactions to the Holocaust," Consumption, Markets and Culture, 12 (4): 301-327.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. (2009), “Distressing Events and Future Purchase Decisions: Jewish Consumers and the Holocaust,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 26 (4): 263-276.

Makarem, Suzanne C., Susan M. Mudambi and Jeffrey S. Podoshen (2009), "Satisfaction in Technology-Enabled Service Encounters," Journal of Services Marketing, 23 (3): 134-144. Highly Commended Award Winner – voted as one of the top four papers published in the journal for 2009 by the Emerald Literati Network and the journal’s editorial team.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. (2008), "The African American Consumer Revisited: Brand Loyalty, Word of Mouth, and the Effects of the Black Experience," Journal of Consumer Marketing, 25 (4): 211-222.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. (2008), "Why Take Tunes? An Exploratory Multinational Look at Student Downloading," Journal of Internet Commerce, 7 (2): 180-202.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. (2006), “Sins of the Fathers:  The Holocaust and the Leisure Travel Decision Among American Jews,” Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 11 (5): 331-336.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S. (2006), "Word of Mouth, Brand Loyalty and Acculturation: A New Look at the American Jewish Consumer," Journal of Consumer Marketing, 23 (5): 266-282.

Course Information

Fall 2012:

BOS 200