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I am a cultural anthropologist who has done fieldwork with the Nahuat in Mexico, Spaniards in western Spain, and Hispanos in the Southwest. The Nahuat speak a dialect of General Aztec and live in the sierra norte de Puebla. I worked primarily in the Nahuat community of Huitzilan de Serdan on oral narratives, social structure, and gender. The Spanish fieldwork took place in several communities in northern Caceres and focused on the way men and women tell the same folktales differently according to their views on courtship and marriage. I have compared Spanish and Nahuat variants of the same stories to reveal how narrators in both cultures represent masculinity. The Hispano fieldwork is taking place in Antonito, Colorado, and includes a collaborative project with Jose Inez Taylor on his oral and written stories. I have returned to Huitzilan to record a tragic Nahuat love story from the widower, Nacho Angel Hernandez, who has helped me in inestimable ways to understand his culture. I take a comparative approach to narratives combining kinship, psychoanalytical theories of gender, and language and culture. Courses I regularly teach at Franklin and Marshall are Social Anthropology, Indians of Mexico, The Folktale, Marx and Matriarchy, Social Organization, and Freud and Feminism.


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