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Hebrew at F&M

Learn the only revived ancient language.

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Hebrew has been called the Holy language, as it is the original language of the Bible. Today, it is also a modern spoken language-the official language of the state of Israel.

The study of Hebrew confers many benefits, including increased ability to comprehend Judaic concepts and literature and a more nuanced comprehension of ancient texts.

At Franklin & Marshall, we offer two years of Hebrew instruction as part of our Judaic Studies minor or to fulfill the general language requirement. Students can gain familiarity and an appreciation for Israeli literature.

Hebrew classes at F&M are geared not only to developing language skills but also to emphasize appreciation for the culture and history connected with the language.

Our students have participated in a number of extra-curricular projects including entering a national Hebrew composition competition; learning Hebrew calligraphy; participating in a weekly Hebrew conversation table; and submitting translations of Hebrew poetry to the campus literary journal Plume.

The Judaic Studies program also strongly encourages further study of Hebrew abroad; several students have pursued advanced studies at the University of the Negev in Beer Sheva and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.