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Curriculum Overview
Judaic Studies

The Judaic Studies program is designed to introduce students to the religion, history and literature of the Jewish people and to their interactions with the other peoples among whom they have lived. In the Western world, Jewish thought has been foundational to our common culture, yet the experience of the Jewish people, like that of other excluded minorities, has often diverged profoundly from that of the majority. The study of Judaism and of the varieties of Jewish experience can thus be both a complement and a corrective, to any course of study examining the history and culture of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Americas. The program for minors provides a comprehensive introduction to the religious, cultural and political traditions of Jewish life from its origins to present day.

A major in Judaic Studies may be arranged through the Special Studies Program described in this Catalog. A Joint Major consists of eight Judaic Studies courses in addition to designated courses from any department/program offering a major. At least two of the Judaic Studies courses must be Hebrew language.

A minor in Judaic Studies consists of six courses: JST 112; one of the following courses: JST 252, 254; one of the following courses: JST 212, 253; three electives, two of which can be Hebrew language and at least one of which must be an upper-division seminar or independent study. At least one course (excluding JST 112) must be taught by HIS faculty; at least one course (excluding JST 112) must be taught by RST faculty. Minors must take at least four courses at Franklin & Marshall. To be considered for honors in Judaic Studies, graduating seniors, in addition to meeting the College’s general requirements for honors, must complete and defend a thesis of high quality.

Minors in the Judaic Studies Program have studied abroad in the following programs in recent years: Hebrew University; Tel Aviv University; CET Academic Programs Jewish Studies in Prague; Crossworld of Three Cultures in Avila, Spain; CIEE Program in Czech Republic. See the International Programs section of the Catalog for further information.