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Visiting Scholar - Dr. Kenneth w. Stein '68

Friday 10/29 -
Comments and Conversation with Emory University Professor Kenneth W. Stein "68

Israel on the American Campus: Problems and Prospects

8:00 p.m. Klehr Center for Jewish Life Living Room
Sponsored by F&M Hillel

Saturday 10/30 -
Public lecture by Emory University Professor Kenneth W. Stein, '68

American Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East:What Next?

Saturday, October 30, 2010  4 p.m. Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium in Kaufman Hall

 Sponsored by the Klehr Center for Jewish Life,  the Center for Liberal Arts and Society, the Public Affairs Lecture Fund, Judaic Studies, International Studies  and the History Department.


Since the end of World War II, American foreign policy toward the Middle East has included six major areas of focus:
1)      access to oil at  reasonable prices
2)      maintenance of political stability, the sovereignty, and political integrity of moderate Arab and non-Arab states
3)      limiting the influence of aggressive ideologies including communism, pan-Arab nationalism, and Islamic radicalism
4)      finding ways to wind down aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict
5)      promoting ideals commensurate with American values
6)      curbing international terrorism and limiting the spread of WMD
Washington has not always been successful at either promoting or securing these objectives,  some presidents have aggressively pursued these objectives, others with less zest, some with success, others less so. Where is the Obama presidency positioned on these issues in relation to the previous eleven post war presidents?  In this presentation, particular attention will be devoted to American engagement  in current Israel-Palestinian negotiations.
Dr. Kenneth W. Stein, is a professor of contemporary Middle Eastern History and Political Science at Emory University. Since graduating with his BA from F&M in 1968, Stein received his advanced graduate training at the Universityof Michigan and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has taught History and Political Science at Emory since January 1977 and was a visiting professor of Political Science at Brown University in Spring 2006.  He is the author of four books, dozens of articles and scholarly reviews, and the recipient of awards at Emory for excellence in undergraduate teaching, internationalizing the curriculum, and in life long mentorship to his students.  His full biography may be viewed at



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