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Antonio Callari - Introduction

Session: Toward a Research Agenda


The purpose of this section is to hear from a number of leaders from important economic development organizations in the community. We have asked them to address matters very, very briefly, because we want to leave as much time as we can for questions and comments from the floor both about this last panel and the events of the day in general. The two questions they were asked are: first, if there is anything from the earlier panels that seems particularly remarkable from the vantage point of their specific organizations; and second, what kind of research might they, or their organizations, find most useful for the Local Economy Center to undertake. So let me introduce them; you probably already know them all, but for those of you who are from out of town we start at the very right hand side with Ron Bailey who is the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission. Next to him is in Dan Betancourt, president and CEO of the Community First Fund, an organization near and dear to my own heart. In the center is Rod Houser from the Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster County. Next is Chuck Maneval, the Director of Economic and Community Development from the City of Lancaster. Last is Tom Baldrige, who is sitting to my left, and he is the president

audience laughter

Well, no, not to my left politically … there he might be to my right … and he’s the President of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They will speak in that order.