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Sean Flaherty - Introduction

Session: Views from the Street: Wall Street, Main Street, and Prince Street


Thank you and good morning my name is Sean Flaherty. As Antonio told you, I am his colleague in the Economics Department here as well a junior partner in the local economy effort. It is my pleasure today to be the moderator and with some commitment to that I will explain in a moment the session. Tony has already introduced you to the views on the street Wall Street, Main Street, and Prince Street. Not to say that Wall Street is in Lancaster--but in any case. We will go in the order of the program; we will have David Nikoloff who is from the Economic Development Company speaking first, and then Scott Sheely who is the director of the Workforce Investment Board here in Lancaster County. Mac Stacks, who is the Executive Director of CAP here in Lancaster and would have been the third presenter, is unfortunately unable to be with us today--I think a family emergency took him away from Lancaster. I will be filling in for Mac and I will add some related research that I myself have done—related, that is, to what you will see when we look at the handout that Mac had prepared and that appears in each one of your packets [note to the reader: links to the materials from this packet will be found at the appropriate points in the transcripts of professor Flaherty’s presentation] the And so without further ado let me ask David Nikoloff to start us off. The way we are going to do this is that we have an hour and a half or so to do this session. Each of us is going to make a presentation and we will try to limit our remarks to twenty minutes--which of course adds to an hour and will leave us with approximately a half hour at the end of the presentation for discussion, questions, etc. If you have a question of clarification and you think it can be answered briefly by a presenter please feel free to ask it but we are going to try to keep to the timetable, and I as the strong-armed moderator I will try to prevent extended discussions from happening in the course of the presentations, wanting to hold them for the last half hour of the session. So thank you and David take it away.