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Bruce Pipes: Provost, Franklin & Marshall College

Session: Welcoming Remarks

I am Bruce Pipes, the Provost of the College, and on behalf of Franklin and Marshall I would like to welcome everyone to the Forum sponsored by Franklin and Marshall Local Economy Center. This forum is a testament to the hard work for a number of people, but in particular Antonio Callari, Sean Flaherty, Linda Aleci, and Berwood Yost, who have worked for years to establish the Franklin and Marshall Local Economy Center. And I want to commend Antonio in particular for putting both his brains and his brawn into moving the Local Economy Center this summer to its new home on College Avenue.

Many of you may be aware that there has been a conversation on this campus and around Lancaster about how a liberal arts college can appropriately be involved with (the larger community). It has been an enlightening conversation, and for me, actually, a scary conversation, because it is not always obvious exactly how the goals of liberal education relate to more practical matters like community enhancement. I cannot think of a better example of the right way for a liberal arts college to aid its community than the work being done at the Local Economy Center. To have our experienced faculty and students working together to study how the local economy works and to figure out how we might make it better seems to be exactly what a liberal arts education might be all about.

I want to commend all of those who have been involved both directly and indirectly with the Local Economy Center. And I want to thank many of you in this room who have provided opportunities for our faculty and students to be so engaged. You can see some of the results of that work [in the posters displayed] outside. I am not going to flap my lips much longer. I know that you are not here to listen to people like me; you are here to engage the people who have actually done the work. I hope you will have a very enjoyable and productive day. I am going to have to leave but I will try to get back later in the day. I believe the first person up is Berwood Yost who is going to give you his take on the Local Economy Center. Thank You.