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Franklin and Marshall Mail Center is here to provide mailing services to the college community. The following information will explain the services available at our Mail Center. Please feel free to visit our office or call 717-291-4092 with any additional questions. The mail center provides many services offered to you by the USPS and UPS. The services we offer are as follows:



Packages may be picked up during open hours by bringing the card that indicates you have a package to the window. Accountable mail (Express, Certified, Insured and Registered) may be picked up with the card and must be signed for by the recipient. Delivered Departmental Accountable mail will have a card attached to the package as a courtesy to the department. Please sign the card and return it to the Mail Center.


A class of mail that includes all matter wholly or partly in writing or typewriting, all actual and personal correspondence, all bills and statements of account, and all matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection. First Class Mail comprises three subclasses: postcards, letters and sealed parcels, and Priority Mail. Any mailable matter may be sent as First Class Mail. First Class Mail is a USPS trademark.


First Class Mail that weighs more than 13 ounces and, at the mailer’s option, any other mail matter weighing 13 ounces or less. Priority Mail provides expedited delivery. Any mailable matter may be sent as Priority Mail. Priority Mail is a USPS trademark.

EXPRESS MAIL (Overnight Service)

A mail class that provides expedited delivery service for mailable matter subject to certain standards. Express Mail International Service is available between the United States and most foreign countries. Express Mail is a USPS trademark.


A service that provides the sender with a mailing receipt. A record of delivery is kept at the post office of address. This type of mail must be sent at First Class Mail or Priority Mail rates. Certified mail may be combined with return receipt service.


A service that provides indemnity coverage for a lost, rifled, or damaged article, subject to the standards for the service and payment of the applicable fee.


The mailing card (Form 3811 for domestic mail) signed by the addressee of an article and mailed back to the sender as evidence of delivery. This supplemental mail service is available for a fee when using Express Mail or certified mail or mail insured for more than $50.00.


Mail originating in one country with a destination in another.

  • International Express Mail (Usually takes around 3-5 business days)
  • Global Priority Mail

A cash receipt is available for your convenience for cash purchases only.


A gummed or self-adhesive paper stamp affixed to mail as payment for postal services. Stamps are available for purchase for your individual or office use. Orders for large quantities should be placed one week in advance. Stamps for College use can be signed for and billed to your account.


A standard mailing must include at least 200 pieces of identical mail. In order to use F & M's standard mail permit, the mailing must be associated with our institution in some manner and it must be imprinted with our own indicia. Permission to use the standard mail indicia must be authorized by the Mailing Services supervisor. Delivery time for standard mail is from 1 to 4 weeks, local areas may be delivered in less time. Department staff should keep this in mind allowing adequate time for all preparation and delivery.

The standard mail indicia imprint should be printed in the upper right hand corner on all material to be printed at the standard rate. Special preparation according to zip code is necessary for standard mailings. Mail Center personnel are trained to sort standard mailings in quantities mandated by postal regulations. All standard mailings must be in zip code order. A zip code list of the totals of each 3 digit and 5 digit zip code must accompany the standard mailing. Standard mailings may not include international mail. Each standard mailing must be accompanied by a mailing form which can be obtained from the Mail Center. Those wishing to use the standard mail service should check with the Mailing Services supervisor prior to their instigation of the mailing.

The Mailing Services supervisor should be informed of all standard mailings sent to mailing houses for processing. In an effort to not jeopardize our standard mailing privileges the following guidelines must be met when distributing standard mailings with indicia:

  • Inter-campus mail - indicia must be crossed out.
  • Metered mail - indicia must be covered with a label.
  • Pieces available to the public - indicia must be crossed out.

Standard mail charges are reflected in the monthly budget statement.

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE (UPS) college business only


Guaranteed delivery to all 50 states and Puerto Rico by 10:30am, noon, or end of day the next business day, depending on destination.


Guaranteed delivery by 3:00pm or 4:30pm the next business day to commercial destinations where UPS Next Day Air delivery is committed by 10:30am or noon, respectfully.


Guaranteed on-time delivery by the end of the second business day to every address throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


Guaranteed delivery by the end of the third business day to every address in the 48 contiguous states.


Guaranteed day-definite delivery to every address in the 48 contiguous states.

  • Express
  • Expedited


All inter-departmental mail can be dropped off at the service window at the Mail Center or in the drop box titled Campus Mail outside the Mail Center window. Inter-departmental mail can also be deposited in the white box at the west side of the Steinman College Center. Please correctly label these envelopes with the full name of the recipient and the department name where they work. Please do not address inter-departmental mail to buildings or rooms.