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Contact Information for Mandated Reporters

If an employee learns about sexual harassment, discrimination, or sexual assault involving a student, the employee should promptly contact one of the individuals listed below, because Franklin & Marshall College has adopted a policy that defines all faculty and professional staff as mandated reporters.

There are three federal laws that establish responsibilities for employees of colleges to report certain types of crimes and incidents, especially sexual misconduct—the Clery Act, Title VII and Title IX. The responsibilities established by these laws give rise to the term “mandated reporter" or "mandatory reporter."

Employees who learn of an incident should promptly contact one of the following individuals:

Title IX Coordinator for Franklin & Marshall College

Jan Masland
Title IX Coordinator
Director of Health and Wellness Education

Outside normal business hours, contact:

F&M 24-Hour Sexual Assault Response Team

When the Title IX Coordinator is notified, the coordinator will take responsibility for prompt notification to the Department of Public Safety and other appropriate College officials.

Online Reports

The Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form may be used to submit an online report. All submissions are forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator.