• marie line brunet 3
Visiting Assistant Professor of French


Professor Brunet received her Ph.D. from Indiana University-Bloomington in June 2013.  Her scholarship focuses on the interplay between French literature and cinema.

Her dissertation, entitled Jean Renoir : de la caméra au stylo, ou, l’itinéraire d’un cinéaste passé écrivain, explores the filmmaker’s lesser known prose fiction and his itinerary as a writer.  Exploring the influence of cinema on literature, the dissertation also examines the role of music in Renoir’s four novels, as well as his use of several signature camera shots in one of his plays.

An experienced language teacher and teaching supervisor, Marie-Line is also interested in contemporary French literature with a focus on gastronomy.  She will be teaching courses in French and Francophone language, literature and cinema.


Maîtrise, Université de Paris, 2006; M.A., Indiana University-Bloomington, 2009; Ph.D., 2013