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Recent Honors Theses in Mathematics

Congratulations to our Honors graduates!


John Schreiber, (Applications of Homogeneous Coordinates to) Reflections and their Images in the Real and Projective Planes, with Professor Crannell


Julie Heymann,  Projective Collineations in Perspective Art, with Professor Crannell

Daniel Kaplan, A Classification of Nonstandard Models of Peano Arithmetic by Goodstein's Theorem, with Professor Brody (who is now at Goucher College)


Sara Dubicki, Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds Dehn Surgery Approach to The Figure-Eight Knot Complement, with Professor Nimershiem

Mark Surma, The Hyperbolic Structure of the Complements of Rational Links with Conway Notation for mn for m, n ≥ 2, with Professor Nimershiem


Ahsan Ashraf, Algebraic Coding Theory, with Professor Feldman

Daniel Droz, An Introduction to Classical Modular Forms, with a New Proof of the Product Expansion of the Delta Function, with Professor Ressler


Zain Rehman, An Adaptation of the Impossibility Theorem, with Professor Praton


Lauren Eaton, The Characteristic Polynomial of Multi-Rooted Trees, with Professor Tedford (who is now at Misericordia University)


Sauleh Siddiqui, Dynamics of Piecewise Continuous Functions, with Professor Crannell

Muhammad Sohaib Alam, Analysis of Quasi-Continuous Functions, with Professor Crannell

Adam Ross, Closed Geodesics on the Punctured Torus, with Professor Nimershiem