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Finding programs

Franklin and Marshall participates in a wide variety of study abroad programs. See  the International and Off-Campus study home page for general information. Recent mathematics majors have studied mathematics  in programs in the Universities of New South Wales, Adelaide, and Melbourne in Australia; Oxford, University College London, Queen Mary University, and King's College in England; the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland; the National University of Ireland in Galway;  the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and the American Mathematical Society's Math in Moscow Program in Russia. A few students have also incorporated non-mathematical semesters into their overall programs and successfully completed the major, including  oceanographic field studies in the Turks and Caicos Islands, art courses in Florence, Italy, and physics at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is a brief overview of the process of finding a program that fits well with the mathematics major: 

The Office of International Programs works with a list of programs that have been "pre-approved" by the International & Off-Campus Study Faculty Committee. A few are sponsored or organized by our own faculty; more are coordinated by third party providers, and still others are exchange programs in which students directly register as students at other universities. Finally, the possibility exists to consider programs not on the pre-approved list if they are well-suited for a student's particular academic needs: such cases should be discussed (well in advance) with the math department chair and the Associate Dean for International Programs. See Choosing a Program for more details.

English Language Programs

Most math majors who want to study abroad look for programs in English-speaking countries. Many of these programs are organized and run by either the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University (UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand), or Interstudy (South Africa). Other options are certainly available, including direct enrollment as a student in a foreign university,  but the application process may require a bit more student initiative and patience. These two agencies are experienced in streamlining the process for students.

The following programs are pre-approved for Franklin & Marshall students,  and include courses in Mathematics.  

ISFA-Butler Programs


Cambridge University
King's College London
Lancaster University
London School of Economics and Political Science
Oxford University
Queen Mary, University of London
Royal Holloway, University of London
University College London
University of Bristol
University of East Anglia
University of Essex
University of Kent
University of Leeds
University of Sussex
University of York

University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
University of St. Andrews
University of Stirling
NUI Galway
Trinity College Dublin
University College Cork
University College Dublin
University of Limerick
Flinders University
Macquarie University
Murdoch University
University of Adelaide
University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales
University of Queensland
University of Sydney
University of Western Australia
New Zealand
University of Auckland
University of Otago
Victoria University of Wellington

Interstudy Programs in South Africa

University of Cape Town
University of KwaZulu-Natal Howard College Campus, Durban
University of Witwatersrand
Stellenbosch University

Other options:

Math in Moscow. An English language, mathematically intensive semester studying advanced mathematics. This program is intended for advanced students, and admission is competitive. The American Mathematical Society sponsors a scholarship competition directed toward this program; the scholarship and the program itself have separate applications. The Math in Moscow program is not currently on the "pre-approved" list, but it is of very high quality, and approving its courses for F&M credit should not be difficult.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. A well-known English language program in Budapest, Hungary. Students visit for a semester or a full year. This program is not currently on the "pre-approved" list, but it is an exciting opportunity. Appropriate courses would probably be approved, but should be discussed with the chairperson of the mathematics department in advance.

TASSEP (Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program). An exchange program between various American and European colleges and universities for science and math students. Most of these programs are in the language of the host nation, and the equivalent of two years of language study is required. Professor Rick Moog in the chemistry department is  the F&M coordinator for TASSEP; contact him or the International Programs staff for more information.

Bolzano: Professor Jay Anderson (Computer Science, emeritus) has arranged an exchange program with the Free University of Bolzano in Italy for F&M  students in computer science and mathematics. Instruction in computer science at Bolzano is in English; Italian and German are the main languages of everyday life in the area. Contact Professor Anderson or the International Programs staff for more information.