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This page shows the Dip Dialers who have reached various levels of dollars raised through telefundraising. As a caller reaches each level, it represents their successes on the phone.

$50,000 Circle (Tuition League)

Sammi Greenberg '14

$25,000 Circle

Hannah Barry '14

Liora Cohen-Fraade '14

Melanie Harris '13

Lizzy Noonan-Pomada '14

Kaitlin Sheldon '14

$10,000 Circle

Triana Brown '14

Phil Creeth '14

Emily Ray '15

Steph Savage '14

Nadya Wanigasundara '14

$1787 Club

Cassie Connors '13              Jose Perez '14

Sara Davis '13                      Abby Quiroz '15

Ashley Geleta '15                 Ana Quiroz '14

Karon Hicks '14                    Leah Taben '14

Charlotte Jacob '14              Mandi Tembo '14

Margaret Miller '14                Arielle Van Wingerden '13

Akushika Odunton '14         Samantha Walmer '15

Who Are We?

The Dip Dialers program is the student telefund for Franklin & Marshall College. We call alumni and parents of the College on behalf of the Franklin & Marshall Fund, all academic departments, and the Diplomat Athletic Club.

To integrate Franklin & Marshall's emphasis on an individual experience, we love having conversations with our alumni and parents and see how F&M has affected their lives and influenced their futures. We always look forward to the next call, and networking with everyone in the Franklin & Marshall community.