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Frequently Asked Questions

The Wohlsen family has formed a partnership with Franklin & Marshall in order to take advantage of the College's considerable experience, scientific knowledge and management resources. F&M will be able to preserve and care for this wonderful site for many generations, while maintaining the Conservancy in its natural state and upholding its important role in the community.

Who can use the Conservancy?

Dues-paying members, as well as other authorized groups and visitors granted permission, may use the Conservancy. Fishermen with Trout Unlimited fishing badges may use the grounds for catch-and-release fishing. Franklin & Marshall College classes will have access if they have scheduled the trip in advance. Members of the F&M community may visit the conservancy at any time with their ID card and window sticker. Certain Conservancy facilities can be rented by outside groups for a fee.

I have been fishing at Millport for years. Can I still do so?

Yes, as long as you are a Trout Unlimited or Millport member with a fishing badge. The Donegal chapter of Trout Unlimited sells yearly fishing badges.

Do I need a pass on Conservancy grounds?

Yes. Dues-paying members should have their membership cards and/or fishing badges. Franklin & Marshall College students or employees must have their College ID cards on a lanyard and an F&M sticker on the windshield of their car.

How can I join Millport Conservancy?

You can call 717-626-0414 or visit the membership page. Mail inquiries can be sent to Millport Conservancy, 737 East Millport Road, Lititz, PA. 17543.

Is there a user fee for the Conservancy's land and trails?

There is no user fee for Franklin & Marshall students or employees. Others are able to purchase Millport memberships. Note that mill rentals do involve a fee, however.

Who maintains the Conservancy?

Millport is maintained by the Conservancy and Franklin & Marshall College, and individuals with contracts from the College and the Conservancy. Volunteer groups also work on special projects at the site.

How is the Conservancy funded?

Funding comes from Wohlsen family gifts, membership dues, grants and donations.

Where is Millport located?

The address is 737 East Millport Road, Lititz, PA 17543. It is located along East Millport and Warwick Roads in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pa. See the contact information page for details and a map for directions.

What can visitors expect to see?

The restored Lititz Run stream is the cornerstone of the property. You will also see wetlands, ponds, riparian habitats, croplands, hardwood and coniferous forests, meadows, as well as the old mill and its raceway. Many species of birds and mammals are present, too.

Where should I park at Millport?

Visitors should park in the grass field along Millport Road and not in the driveway.

Who owns the land?

The land is owned by the nonprofit Millport Conservancy.

How is the Conservancy governed?

A seven-member board, two of whom are nominated by the Wohlsen family and five of whom are nominated by Franklin & Marshall, governs the Conservancy. F&M employs an executive director, and the members of the Wohlsen family continue to work at Millport.

  • Millport, aerial view