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Guidelines for Visitors

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The Millport Conservancy exists due to the generosity of the late Carolyn and Robert S. Wohlsen '50 and their family. We ask you to show your gratitude by respecting the spirit and the letter of the following guidelines.

1. The Conservancy is open dawn to dusk for authorized visitors. Millport or F&M student or employee credentials are required to visit the site. Visitors from the College should have a Franklin and Marshall College ID card on a lanyard and a window sticker on their car.
2. Visitors should not feed animals or fish except by permission.
3. Motor vehicles are restricted to designated roads and parking areas only.
4. No alcohol is allowed.
5. Pets are not permitted.
6. Hunting is prohibited.
7. Timber cutting is prohibited.
8. Open fires are allowed only in designated camping areas. Please use extreme caution to prevent fire/brush fires.
9. No structures, temporary or otherwise, are allowed.
10. Camping is allowed only with permission and only in designated areas.
11. Stay on designated trails.
12. Jogging, bicycling, and horseback riding are not permitted in the Conservancy.
13. Solicitation, sales, political activities, etc. are prohibited without permission.
14. Collection of specimens is permitted only for valid scientific research. Visitors should not remove plants or disturb habitat.
15. Smoking is prohibited.
16. Glass containers are prohibited.
17. Swimming and tubing in the stream are prohibited.
18. Fishing is restricted to members of the Conservancy fishing program. Fishing is "catch and release" only.
19. There are no trash receptacles at Millport, so please pack and remove all trash when you leave.