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Debra Schwab '96

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I graduated from F&M as a biology major in 1996. By far, F&M's greatest attribute is the College's focus on forming strong and long-lasting connections between students and professors.

I truly appreciate every professor I met at F&M. I want to highlight a few. I am very grateful for the relationship I established with Dr. Joe Richardson, who was my advisor for my independent study. Despite his retirement to upstate NY, we are still in contact with each other 15+ years since my graduation. I am very grateful for my experiences with Dr. John McDermott, whose work ethic and passion for biology have forever influenced me (same for Dr. Richardson). I love that he continues to remain on campus following his retirement to continue research and writing. Finally, I am especially grateful for the mentorship with Dr. Kirk Miller, who has brought me back to campus to teach Public Health.

And I thank all those biology professors who greeted me in Hackman between the hours of 11pm -3am when I was cross-eyed after staring at diatoms for hours. And I thank those professors who didn't laugh when I returned one afternoon from an Amish farm with an unknown huge hole at "just the right spot" in the back of my jeans from catching them on a fence.

I am fortunate to have graduated from MANY schools including public health at Hopkins and medical school at Univ of MD. F&M has the BEST professors and staff. Happy Thanksgiving.