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Houlong Li P'17

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Dear professor Anthony,

I am Xiang Li’s father. After hearing about Xiang Li’s experience in the US, I decide to write you a letter to show my appreciation.
To Xiang Li, an international student, he has to face a lot of difficulties on his way to gain knowledge in a foreign country. I and his mother cares a lot about his life and study in college. When hearing that you have helped him a lot during this semester and he likes you and your class very much, I feel that you are really an excellent professor who has being putting a lot of efforts into his students.
I have learnt that when Xiang started his college in the beginning of this semester, he could not communicate well with other students because of cultural differences,. I feel very moved about your help to him. After your help, Xiang improved his communication with others and improved his participation in class, he has become more and more interested in your class.
Nowadays, Americans are enjoying Thanksgiving day. Here, I wish you could enjoy your holidays , and, again, thanks for your help to my son.

Houlong Li