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John Aaron, Ph.D., '57

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Professor Binkley:

I graduated (Geology) in 1957. That would be 55 years ago, so it's not likely that you would remember me. I certainly remember you, however. I took four courses in which you mostly talked and I mostly listened. Three were in Philosophy, one was in Religion. That was an unusually generous commitment for someone majoring in a science. Which means that I must have valued your courses, because I kept returning for more. Honestly, they were among the most interesting, enjoyable, and meaningful courses that I took outside of my major. I thought so at the time I was an F&M student, and I still think so. Moreover, your book, "Contemporary Ethical Theories" (1961) still adorns my bookshelf.

I am only a few decades late, but I trust that it is not too late to thank you sincerely for your work, your scholarship, your teaching skill, and your dedication to F&M.