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Sarah Whitman '08

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I am so very thankful for Elizabeth Keller, Professor of Piano Performance at F&M. Miss Keller brought humor and warmth to the art of the piano, and encouraged me to live up to my musical potential in the midst of a challenging academic schedule. Sometimes on difficult days, it was Miss Keller's love, both for me and for the art of the piano, that got me through the week. She made me a musician, and taught me to bring color to the keys!

I'm also incredibly thankful for Dr. Lina Bernstein, who taught my freshman seminar, Hilarious and Wacky Russian Short Stories. While the course was not my first choice, Dr. Bernstein made me love and appreciate Russian literature, and I still have my short story collections on my bookshelf seven years later! Dr. Bernstein also served as my Academic Advisor, and her office became a safe haven for me, and a place where I knew I could receive encouragement and great advice. Dr. Bernstein is a blessing!