Welcome to New College House

New College House is F&M's newest student residence and, perhaps, the most visible affirmation of the College's commitment to sustainability -- being the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified structure on campus. In addition to incorporating numerous features to conserve energy and water and reduce emissions and waste, the building encompasses several distinctive spaces on its first floor, including an oversize Great Room that serves variously as a living room, library, theater, performance area, and exhibit gallery. As a result, New College House has quickly become a popular location for campus-wide large-group programs focusing on leadership, creativity and performance. Meanwhile, the monthly lunch series, "What Matters?" held in New College House is another example of the many opportunities the College Houses create for learning outside the classroom, bringing in a variety of speakers to illustrate the different influences -- some unexpected -- that contribute to one's personal and professional development.


Inside New College House

Learn about our traditions,  government, and apparel

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Our People

Let us introduce you to the Don and Dean of our House. Also meet our House Government and other Peer Leaders.  

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Our Events

Visit our facebook page for all our events at https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-College-House-FM/154441121233185

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The Pulse of New College House

Story 6/24/2015

Still Life With A Bird Field Guide

Inspired after a chance encounter in the basement of a Lancaster County museum, a Franklin & Marshall professor, with help from his Hackman Scholar, is pursuing a book about birds. 

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