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The House Life Committee

The House Life Committee focused on creating and improving the community we live in here in the house. We try to foster community by planning regular events (Study Hall Sundays and Milk and Cookie Mondays), designing competitive fun to bring the floors and classes together (Color Wars: floor v floor or upperclassmen v first years), and finding spaces within the house that can create a sense of community (personalizing common spaces, improving common spaces). We hope to improve the community by enacting house improvements (microwaves in common spaces, cigarette disposal around doors) and re-purposing some spaces to bring people together (possibly the addition of a game room or exercise/gym space). We are concerned with making this house, not just a dormitory, but a home away from home; a College House. If you are interested in attending meetings or have any ideas please contact either or . Meetings are Thursdays at 8pm in the Board Room.