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Shakespeare’s Gender-Bending Comedy, Twelfth Night, Comes to the Green Room Theatre

OK, it breaks down like this:

Viola loves Orsino, who loves Olivia, who loves Viola, who is disguised as a man to get close to Orsino.

Confused? Who wouldn’t be?

Come see William Shakespeare’s gender-bending and hilarious comedy classic Twelfth Night in the Green Room Theatre at Franklin & Marshall College, April 2 to 4, at 8 p.m., and April 5, at 2 p.m.

Like many of Shakespeare’s comedies, this one centers on mistaken identity. The leading character, Viola, is shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria during the opening scenes. She loses contact with her twin brother, Sebastian, whom she believes to be dead.

Posing as a boy named Cesario, Viola enters the service of Duke Orsino. He is in love with Lady Olivia, whose father and brother have recently died, and who will have nothing to do with any suitors, including Orsino. So, Orsino decides to use Cesario as an intermediary. But, Olivia, believing Viola to be a man, falls in love with the messenger. Viola, in turn, has fallen in love with the Duke. It’s a mess that sorts itself out in the most hilarious way by the end, making it one of Shakespeare’s most beloved stories.

Tickets are $7.50 for students and seniors, $10 for College employees and $15 for off-campus patrons.

Sign Up and Walk in the Relay For Life

This year’s Relay For Life will be held on Hartman Green on Friday, April 3, from 5 p.m. through Saturday, April 4, at 5 a.m. The overnight event is held annually to fight cancer and to raise money for American Cancer Society research, education, advocacy and patient services.

“We stay up walking because cancer never sleeps,” said Amanda Loder ’11.

Register to participate in or donate to this important event.

Loder said this year’s Relay For Life has a special meaning to so many students because of the loss of Brian Steffy, associate professor of organization studies, who died of cancer in May 2008.

“This year’s Relay For Life is not only to honor his courageous battle with cancer and all his tremendous accomplishments, but also to celebrate, remember and fight back for all those who we know individually who are affected by this horrible disease,” Loder said.

To date, 412 students have signed up to participate in this year’s Relay For Life at F&M, raising $28,426 so far for the American Cancer Society.

While Relay For Life raises money to fight cancer, the main focus is to honor cancer survivors. The survivors will participate in a “victory lap” to kick off the event.

“My grandmother is a survivor, and she is coming to walk the victory lap,” Loder said.


Greenfest will be held on Saturday, April 4, from noon to 5 p.m. on Hartman Green.

The day will include a environmental job fair. There will be exhibits to educate visitors about sustainability efforts on campus and in the Lancaster community.

Entertainment will be provided by WFNM, the Poor Richards, the Chessmen and the African Dance Troupe.