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F&M ALERT: College Closed Due to Snow

Due to today's (2/13) snowstorm, the College is closed except for essential personnel, who will receive guidance from their supervisors about reporting to work. Classes will be held at the discretion of individual faculty.

The libraries are closed. The main dining hall will operate on its normal schedule, but all other administrative buildings are closed.

Staff and students are asked to pay close attention to their surroundings during the storm. Throughout the day, some areas of campus will be blocked off to allow Facilities & Operations to more effectively clear snow from walkways, building entryways, and parking lots. Members of the campus community are reminded of the danger of walking in the path of active snow-removal equipment.

Members of the campus community also are encouraged to check email and other modes of communication throughout the day for the latest updates on the storm's impact on College schedules and events.

The F&M home page continues to be the primary source for general information about campus openings and closures, and information also is available on the College's Emergency Weather Line at 717-291-4003.

F&M maintains an Emergency Preparation Guidelines website at The College's Office of Human Resources also maintains a weather emergencies page for employees.