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Faculty and Professional Staff Publications

J. Brian Adams
Computational Science as a Twenty-First Century Discipline in the Liberal Arts
The Journal for Computing Sciences in Colleges Vol. 23, No. 5, 2008 pp. 15-23

J. Brian Adams and another author

Logistic and Neural Network Models for Predicting a Hospital Admission
Journal of Applied Statistics Vol. 32, No. 8, Oct. 2005 pp. 861-869

Kim Armstrong and Oscar Retterer

Blogging as L2 Writing: A Case Study
AACE Journal, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2008 pp. 233-251

Annette Aronowicz

Homens mapole: Hope in the Immediate Postwar Period
The Jewish Quarterly Review Vol. 98, No. 3, 3008 pp. 255-388

John Carter

The Morava K-Theory Eilenberg-Moore Spectral Sequence
in the The New York Journal of Mathematics Vol. 14, 2008

Krista Casler

Developmental Continuity in Teleo-Functional Explanation: Reasoning about Nature Among Romanian Romani Adults
in the Journal of Cognition and Development Vol. 9, No. 3, 2008 pp. 340-362

Tamara Goeglein

Early Modern Emblem Books as Memorial Sites
in the Princeton University Library Chronicle Vol. 69, No. 1, 2007 pp. 43-70

Dean Hammer

Roman Political Thought and the Modern Theoretical Imagination
University of Oklahoma Press, 2008

Janardhan Iyengar

Non-Renegable Selective Acknowledgements (NR-SACKs) for SCTP
The IEEE National Conference on Network Protocols Oct. 2008

L. Scott Lerner

Mourning and Subjectivity from Bersani to Proust, Klein and Freud
Diacritics: A Review of Contemporary Criticism 37.1, 2007 pp. 41-53

L. Scott Lerner

A chapter, La “synagogue parlante” de Zadoc Kahn in
Zadoc Kahn: Un Grand Rabbin Entre Culture Juive, Affaire Dreyfus
Paris: Editions de L’Eclat, 2007 pp. 103-114

D. Holmes Morton, Erik G. Puffenberger and Kevin A. Strauss and other authors

Genetic Mapping of Glutaric Aciduria, Type 3, to Cromosome 7 and Identification of Mutations in C7orf10
The American Journal of Human Genetics, Sept. 2008

Michael Penn and Phillip Kojo Clarke ‘08

A chapter Art, Culture and Pediatric Mental and Behavioral Health: An Interdisciplinary Public Health Approach in
Oxford Handbook of Medical Ethnomusicology 2008

Jeffrey S. Podoshen and Mary Babcock ‘07

Gender Preferences and Chosen Attributes in Container Shape
Advances in Marketing: Linking Organizations and Consumers Vol. 2008

Jeffrey S. Podoshen and Emanuela Verenca and another

Transition in Romania: Is Joining the European Union a Win for All?
International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets Vol. 1, No. 2, 2008 pp. 107-123

Jeffrey S. Podoshen

Why Take Turns? An Exploratory Multinational Look at Student Downloading
Journal of Internet Commerce Vol. 7, No. 2, 2008 pp. 180-201

Amelia Rauser

Caricature Unmasked: Irony, Authencity and Individualism in Eighteenth-Century English Prints
University of Delaware Press, 2007