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Faculty Focus

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A regular recap of the achievements and published works of the faculty and professional staff at Franklin & Marshall College.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Tate LeFevre was awarded the Dean's Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences from New York University. The award recognizes the university's best dissertation in social sciences. LeFevre received her doctorate from NYU in 2013. 

In Print: 

Professor of Mathematics Annalisa Crannell

"Report: The 2012 Joint Mathematical Meetings Exhibition on Mathematical Art"

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, 21 August 2012, pp. 1-7

Dr. Earl D. Stage and Mary E. Stage Professor of Geosciences Stanley Mertzman and seven others

"Intraplate magmatism related to opening of the southern Iapetus Ocean: Cambrian Wichita igneous province in the

Southern Oklahoma rift zone"

Lithos, 2012, pp. 1-14

Adjunct Research Professor D. Holmes Morton, Adjunct Associate Research Professor Erik G. Puffenberger,

Adjunct Associate Research Professor Kevin A. Strauss and 19 others, "Dopamine transporter deficiency

syndrome: phenotypic spectrum from infancy to adulthood"

Brain, A Journal of Neurology, March 2014; 10.1093/brain/awu022.

Associate Professor Jeffrey Podoshen, Zheng Jin '15 and one other person, "Theoretical reflections on dystopian

consumer culture: Black metal"

Marketing Theory, Sage, DOI: 10.1177/1470593114523446, Feb. 27, 2014

Associate Professor Jeffrey Podoshen

"Dark tourism motivations: Simulation, emotional contagion and topographic comparison"

Tourism Management, Vol. 35, April 2013, pp. 263-271

Visiting Scholar of Judaic Studies Nessia Sharfranksy

"The Red Rock: Forbidden Travels to Petra"

Yad Ben Zvi, Jerusalem, 2013, pp. 516

Assistant Professor of Organization Studies and Management William Schneper
and two others

"The Impact of Stakeholder Power on Corporate Reputation: A Cross-Country Corporate Governance Perspective"

Organization Science, 21 Feb 2014, pp. 1-18

Charles A. Dana Professor of Government Donald Grier Stephenson Jr.

"The Judicial Bookshelf"

Journal of Supreme Court History, Vol. 37, No. 2, pp. 148-167 (2012)

Associate Professor of Biology Joseph T. Thompson and two others

"The length-force behavior and operating length range of squid muscle varies as a function of position in the mantle


The Journal of Experimental Biology, 27 March 2014