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A regular recap of the achievements and published works of the faculty and professional staff at Franklin & Marshall College.

Dr. Earl D. Stage and Mary E. Stage Professor of Geosciences Stanley A. Mertzman was involved last winter in a Mars-related research project with the University of Winnipeg for the Canadian Space Agency. Mertzman conducted rock analysis using X-ray fluorescence techniques.

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Organizations Cynthia Krom '80 and her daughter, Stephanie Krom, a master's candidate at New York University (public history), received the 2014 Award for Excellence from the Academy of Accounting Historians.

Visiting Professor of American Studies Joe Clark spent two weeks in June working at JWT New York, an advertising agency in New York City. Clark was one of 15 professors nationwide selected by the Advertising Educational Foundation for its 2014 Visiting Professor Program.

In Print:   

Professor of Sociology Carol J. Auster and Sociology Special Assistant Lisa A. Auster-Gussman

"Contemporary Mother's Day and Father's Day Greeting Cards: A Reflection of Traditional Ideologies of Motherhood and Fatherhood?"

Journal of Family Issues, 10.1177/0192513X14528711, 7 May 2014

Assistant Professor of Biology Pablo D. Jenik and three others

"Global regulation of embryonic patterning in Arabidopsis by microRNAs"

Plant Physiology, 10.1104/pp.114.240846, 1 May 2014

Professor of Biology Robert Jinks, Adjunct Associate Research Professor Kevin Strauss and 13 others

"A population-based study of KCNH7 p.Arg394His and bipolar spectrum disorder"

Human Molecular Genetics, Oxford Journals, (2014) doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddu335, Published online: June 30, 2014

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Organizations Cynthia Krom and one other

"The Whiskey Tax of 1791 and the Consequent Insurrection: "A Wicked and Unhappy Tumult"

The Accounting Historians Journal, Dec 2013, Vol. 40(2)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Timothy Wyman McCarty

"Good Readers and Good Liberals: Nabokov's Aesthetic Liberalism"

Political Theory, July 9, 2014

B. F. Fackenthal, Jr. Professor of Biology Kirk Miller and Director of the Center for Opinion Research and the Floyd Institute for Public Policy Berwood A. Yost and four others

"Biobehavioral Risk Factors For Asthma In The Amish And General Populations Of Central Pennsylvania"

American Thoracic Society Journals, 2014

Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey Podoshen and three others

"Eschewing Community: Black Metal"

Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology (2014) Published in Wiley Online Library ( DOI: 10.1002/casp.2197

Professor of History and American Studies Louise Stevenson

"Lincoln Thought Globally"

Cambridge University Press (tentative publication date: 2015-16)

Professor of Government Kerry Whiteside

"The Impasses of Ecological Representation"

Environmental Values, 22:30 (June 2013), pp. 339-358