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Frick on C-SPAN2

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  • Daniel Frick

This holiday season there will be several opportunities to see Daniel Frick, director of the Writing Center, discuss his book Reinventing Richard Nixon on C-SPAN2 Book TV, Channel 65 on local Comcast service. The segment was recorded at Franklin & Marshall Sept. 21 at an event that was hosted by the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House.

Here is the schedule for the next airings:

Saturday, Dec. 13, at noon

Sunday, Dec. 14, at 1 a.m.
Sunday, Dec. 14, at 8:15 p.m.

To read an interview with Frick about his book, click here

Frick also recently appeared as a guest columnist on the Huffington Post. Click here for a link to the article.

Reinventing Richard Nixon is available for sale in the campus bookstore.