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Misty L. Bastian
“Mami Wata, Mr. White, and the Sirens off Bar Beach: Spirits and Dangerous Consumption in the Nigerian Popular Press.”
A chapter in Sacred Waters: Arts for Mami Wata and Other Divinities in Africa and the Diaspora. Indiana University Press, 2008.

Giovanna Faleschini Lerner
“Carlo Levi’s New Humanism.”
Annali d’italianistica, No. 26, (2008) pp. 283-295.

Jeffrey S. Podoshen and Emanuela Verenca and another author
“Transition in Romania: Is joining the European Union a win for all?”
The International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, Vol. 1, No. 2, (2008) pp. 107-123.

R.S. Sternberg
“Archaeomagnetism in Archaeometry – A Semi-Centennial Review.”
Archaeometry 50, No. 6, (2008) pp. 983-998.

Joseph T. Thompson and another author

“Deposit- and Suspension-Feeding Sea Cucumbers (Echinodermata) Ingest Plastic Fragments.”
The Journal of Experimental Marine Biology, No. 368, (2009) pp. 22-29.

Joseph T. Thompson and other authors
“Mechanical Specialization of the Obliquely Striated Circular Mantle Muscle Fibres of the Long-Finned Squid Doryteuthis Pealeii.”
The Journal of Experimental Biology, No. 211, (2008) pp. 1463-1474.

Joseph T. Thompson and other authors
“Swimming Dynamics and Propulsive Efficiency of Squids throughout Ontogeny.”
Integrative and Comparative Biology Advance Access. Oxford University Press, 2008.

R.D.K. Thomas
“Gould’s Odyssey: Form May Follow Function, or Former Function, and All Species are Equal (Especially Bacteria), but History is Trumps.”
A chapter in Stephen Jay Gould: Reflections on His View of Life. Oxford University Press, 2009.

Roger White
“State and Regional Variations in the Effects of Trade on Job Displacement in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector, 1982-1999.”
The Journal of Labor Research, No. 29, (2008) pp. 347-364.

Roger White and another author

“Immigrants, Cultural Distance and the U.S. State-Level Exports of Cultural Products.”
The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, No. 19, (2008) pp. 331-348.

Roger White and another author
“Do Immigrants Counter the Effect of Cultural Distance on Trade? Evidence from U.S. State-Level Exports.”
The Journal of Socio-Economics, No. 37, (2008) pp. 2304-2318.