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Meet the Parents

  • http-blogs-fandm-edu-wp-content-blogs-dir-29-files-2012-04-parents-weekend-foto-jpg
  • Evan Towt ’11, his mother Irene and father James at Family Weekend last year.


Calling all Franklin & Marshall parents and families. Time for a visit.

Family Weekend at Franklin & Marshall College is the weekend of Sept. 26 to 28.

With the school year getting under way, it’s time for families to start planning that first campus visit to see their F&M student’s home away from home. Besides reuniting with F&M student, families can explore Lancaster and enjoy social, cultural, athletic, arts and informational events at the College.

“One of the greatest things about Family Weekend is seeing students proudly showing off their home away from home and introducing their parents to their friends, professors, prefects and dons. It’s just terrific for our students to host their parents on their own turf,” says Maura Condon Umble ’83, Franklin & Marshall director of parent relations.

The weekend is not just for parents, Umble notes. Siblings and grandparents are encouraged to come, too.

The weekend is jam-packed with events. For a full schedule and more information, visit the Family Weekend home page by clicking on the name link.