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(VIDEO) F&M College Prep Confronts 'Undermatching'

They have gone home, but their words have been captured in this video as moving testimony of the impact of F&M College Prep.

"I never had something that I was passionate about, and College Prep gave that to me," one student says. And "if it weren't for College Prep, I don’t think I would be on the track I am headed on now," says an alumna of the program now in college.

The 71 students who participated in the summer's pre-college immersion program at Franklin & Marshall College July 5 to July 26 -- as well as education leaders from some of the country's leading school networks -- speak about how F&M College Prep addresses a national problem.

"If you read the headlines of every major newspaper in America over the past two years, you see the persistent theme of the nation's undermatching crisis, which is when students don't apply to the great schools for which their SAT scores and their grades have qualified them for admission," F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield says in the video. "When you find talent in all corners of the country, that enhances the learning of all students."

F&M College prep was developed as a practical tool for addressing the national undermatching problem.

"Programs like the F&M College Prep program become essential, they become meaningful, they become markers for students to understand their own capabilities and their potential for success," says Maghan Kaita, chair of the College Board.

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  • F&M College Prep students participate in an interactive game during the "Power: A Sociological View" class taught by Sociology Professor Katherine McClelland in the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House. (Photo by Melissa Hess)