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Sustainability Week Celebrates The Sustainable Campus

The organic vegetable garden at Franklin & Marshall College's Baker Campus produced a plethora of produce that students, staff and faculty get to taste in the soups sold at F&M's Fair Trade Café, just one example of the College's dedication to a sustainable campus that it will celebrate Sept. 22-26 with Sustainability Week.

$5 Million Lehman Endowment Gift to Support Wrestling for Generations of Student-Athletes

A $5 million gift from prominent geologist David Lehman, a 1968 alumnus, will endow Franklin & Marshall College's standout, NCAA Division I wrestling program for generations of student-athletes to come.

Lancaster Author Relives 'That Day in September'

 Artie Van Why was at his desk in an office building just across the street from the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, when the first plane hit. Within minutes, his life, the nation and the world would change forever. So began the story he shared. 

Best FOOT Forward: First-Years Bond on the Appalachian Trail

Following a successful first year, Franklin & Marshall College's First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT) doubled in size in 2014. In late August, 24 students embarked on a four-day, three-night backpacking trip through a section of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

College Tests Crowdfunding to Support Scholarly Research

Always creating new opportunities, technology is now providing another means by which colleges can obtain greater academic research and institutional support. The latest is crowdfunding, a social media appeal to the public for donations, which more and more colleges, including Franklin & Marshall College, have adopted.

Franklin & Marshall Gets High Marks in National Rankings

Reflecting the strength of its academic program and initiatives to admit a talented class from the full spectrum of student backgrounds, Franklin & Marshall College received high marks in national rankings this year.

Professor of Government Dean Hammer Convocation Speech

Faculty remarks at Sept. 2 Convocation from the John W. Wetzel Professor of Classics and Professor of Government Dean Hammer.


Convocation Speech of F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield

"Cultivating Our Voices," F&M Daniel R. Porterfield's Convocation 2014 speech. 

Class of 2018 Urged to Cultivate Intellectual and Social Voices

The Class of 2018, who gathered Tuesday morning for F&M's Convocation, face both a significant challenge and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the next four years -- finding, developing and cultivating their voices.


Of Math & Mosquitos: Diversity of Opportunity Enables Student to Pursue Dual Interests

Build a better mousetrap, they say, and the world will beat a path to your door. Deep in the woods of Lancaster County's Millport Conservancy, Frankin & Marshall's Joshua Finkel is after even smaller prey, the mosquito. His research into making more effective mosquito traps could have much the same result with its potential to save public health agencies and beleaguered homeowners untold thousands of dollars trying to control the bloodsucking insects.