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Summer Programs

  • SUMMER Wed Dinner 2013ad

How To Series.... 

How to "series" You have asked OMCA how to ...make tofu, sew a button, prepare a pot of rice.... the list is endless... 

If OMCA can show you how, we will have live demonstrations and if we can not show you how, we will post instructions for you on this site or Facebook Group. 

The first How to is Tuesday, July 9... How to make Tofu & Soy Milk... more details will be coming... questions please email

  • SUMMER Wed Dinner 2013g

SUMMER Wednesday Dinner

Join OMCA!!! 
Students, Alumni, Friends & FPS, 

Come join us and share a meal with us... Every Wednesday Night! 

We welcome and encourage people to come share your culture and food at 615 College Ave 6p.m.... 

Each meal we try to provide a starch and vegetable/fruit/protein around a theme. **Themes are guides not required. We want you to join us. 

This event is possible through donations.  If you would like to donate or have questions, email:

How can you help or donate... 
- assist by setting-up/prep work @ 5p.m., clean-up after the meal, bring food to the event, donate monetary, or help in the garden*. 

(Garden Help: consist of weeding and watering the plants, if you are interested in helping, please email me)

  • SUMMER Wed Dinner 2013ab

Find out what is our Dinner's theme through our Facebook Group 

  • OMCA: How to make Tofu/Soymilk
  • How to make tofu/soymilk with OMCA ... July 9, 2013