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Evaluating Employee Satisfaction

Annual Employee Surveys, for WellSpan Health

Like most health care providers, WellSpan faces many challenges and opportunities as a result of both rapid growth and the changing nature of healthcare delivery in the United States. WellSpan’s annual Employee Satisfaction Survey, first completed in 2000, is designed by the Center’s research team to help provide the organization with information about employee perceptions and satisfaction, in order to better confront challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. The surveys track changing employee opinions over time, and the wealth of data gathered allows for detailed and in-depth analyses. Over the years, survey results have been used by WellSpan management to address concerns and make changes in many different policy areas, from Human Resources concerns—such as employee morale, compensation, and workload—to patient care and satisfaction, to marketing issues.

The Center collaborates closely with WellSpan’s management to create a customized questionnaire. We assess employee satisfaction in many different areas, including general satisfaction with the organization as a whole and satisfaction with matters specific to a particular position or workgroup. Each year, the survey instrument retains important baseline questions, while adding or changing questions to address new issues. Additionally, every year we work with each WellSpan entity to create a custom set of entity-specific questions that supplement the core survey. This allows specific research pertaining only to a certain hospital, facility, or employee group. The survey is available on the Internet, and all employees are invited to participate via email. For those who do not respond to the web survey, we mail a copy to their homes.

Once all data are gathered each year, the Center provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of findings. For the 2012 survey, the Center worked with WellSpan’s Planning Department to create new electronic and online reporting and analysis tools, which can be accessed by WellSpan’s management at any time. These tools are intended to be used in conjunction with our written reports and provide detailed data. Currently, our analysis and reporting has three major components:

  • A new on-line analysis system that allows users to view the responses to all questions asked on the 2012 survey, including historical data for selected items. The website is highly dynamic and interactive, and provides information by department, entity, and WellSpan as a whole. More than one department can be selected for analysis, and data is displayed in either chart or graph format.
  • Written and oral summary reports of the survey’s major findings, which analyze individual survey items, provide descriptions of differences in overall engagement and satisfaction with WellSpan employment, and note differences between WellSpan’s many entities. Numerous charts and graphs are used to illustrate the data.
  • An electronic data file with additional figures that further illuminate the data. Multiple data tabs are available in the file, including, among others, key historical indicators by entity, dashboard figures displaying the 25 departments’ overall satisfaction scores, complete frequencies for all survey questions by entity, entity comparisons, and total satisfaction scores by department.
  • About WellSpan Health
  • WellSpan Health is a large integrated health system that employs more than 8,000 people, including physicians, and operates York Hospital, Gettysburg Hospital, the Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital, and VNA Home Care. In addition, WellSpan has 35 outpatient locations which offer diagnostic imaging, laboratory, rehabilitation, primary care, retail pharmacy, and walk-in health care.