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New Student Orientation

What Is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation in August is a five-day program where students and the members of their Orientation Group participate in a variety of small group activities designed to introduce them to the academic, intellectual and social life at F&M. This includes an academic component where Orientation Groups gather to discuss an academic reading with and learn about our academic expectations. In addition, New Student Orientation includes a number of programs designed to introduce students to the expectations of the College regarding academic honesty, citizenship, community service, and leadership, as well as a variety of activities designed to help students meet other members of the Class of 2018. Orientation Groups will also address social awareness in such areas as sexual assault, alcohol risks, personal responsibility, diversity, and strategies for academic success.

You should make plans to arrive on campus on Thursday, August 28, 1:00 pm.

Where do I belong?

Franklin & Marshall College is a community whose members belong to a range of overlapping groups. This kind of membership-in-many-communities is reflected in Orientation. Students will belong to three groups that structure their orientation experiences. First is your Orientation Group headed by older students – a house advisors – in your house. There are roughly 16 students in each Orientation Group. Your House Advisors will guide your group through Orientation and your first months at the college. Second will be the group of 16 students sharing first-year seminar membership. Finally, you will be a member of a College House with over 300 members.

What Is Your College House?

College Houses are the hubs that connect students to many communities associated with the College. In the Houses we find close relationships among faculty, students, alumni, visitors, and administrators. College Houses offer students opportunities to gather informally with faculty and other students to explore ideas, or simply have fun. Each House has its own government run by students who set and enforce House Rules, support first-year seminar activities, and give students the authority to expend House funds on events designed and organized by students in each House.

The Houses include residential first-year seminars. Members of the Houses form teams that participate in intramural and recreational sports. The residents and their House Advisors also conduct a New Student Orientation that introduces students to the culture and traditions of the House, the services available in the College, and a range of extra- and co-curricular activities.

Upon matriculation, all students are assigned randomly to membership in a College House. Although students are not required to live in the House for all four years, this affiliation continues through all four years and extends beyond graduation.

  • Condensed- Orientation 2014 Schedule
  • Condensed F&M Class of 2018 Orientation Schedule. This schedule is subject to change without notice. 

    ***More information will be provided by the HA. 

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