Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

F&M Lingo

ASFC. noun—Alumni Sports and Fitness Center; located across Harrisburg Pike, this building was created in 1995 with over $16 million donated by alumni of Franklin and Marshall and houses a 50 meter indoor swimming pool, one of the largest in the east, two tracks (one of which is suspended), a fitness room, and indoor courts that can be used for basketball, volleyball, or tennis.

Atrium. noun—the seating area in the middle of the Steinman College Center where students often congregate between and after classes.

Bonchek. noun—Bonchek House, which includes the South Ben and East Weis residence halls.

Brooks. noun—Brooks House, which includes the Marshall-Buchanan and North Thomas residence halls.

Dip. noun—a Diplomat, our school mascot; many times referred to as Dips, in reference to the students, who represent the school mostly at school events such as football and basketball games.

Don. noun—A senior member of the F&M Faculty, the House Don provides leadership in fostering the intellectual life of the house.

Fob. noun—the electronic key system used at Franklin & Marshall that allows on-campus residents access to all the dorms.

FPS. noun—faculty and professional staff.

Fumming. verb—existing at Franklin & Marshall.

Fummer. noun—a Franklin & Marshall student.

Green, The. noun—formally known as Hartman Green, it is the lawn surrounded by Steinman College Center, Appel Health Services, Schnader residence hall, and the Hackman Science Building.

HA. noun—House Adviser; student mentors who lead the first year students through orientation and ease their transition into college life, and continue to work with students throughout the school year

House. noun—The self-governing, connected residential community that all first-year students enter into when they come to F&M. Students remain members of their House throughout their years at the College.

OCI. noun—Official Campus Information: e-mails sent to the entire student community.

OCHA. noun—the Office of College House Administration; the office in charge of all College Houses and other on-campus housing.

OPDs. noun—Orientation Planning Directors, interns who work all summer planning orientation in order to make it a success. Each House has two OPDs.

OSP. noun—Office of Student Programs; the office serves as the primary resource for student clubs and organizations wishing to gain support and advice when planning and programming events.

Prefect. noun—A member of the College Administration, the Prefect oversees house programs, judicial matters, and the general welfare of students in the house.

Quad, The. noun—the open area surrounded by Marshall-Buchanan, Ben Franklin, Weis, Thomas, and Schnader residence halls.

Ware. (The “Warehouse”). noun—The Ware College House, which includes the North Ben and West Weis residence halls.

Weis. noun—Weis House, formerly Schnader College House.  Weis is newly renovated for 2011.