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F&M & New Student Orientation Missions

The Mission of Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall is a residential college dedicated to excellence in undergraduate liberal education. Its aims are to inspire in young people of high promise and diverse backgrounds a genuine and enduring love for learning, to teach them to read, write, and think critically, to instill in them the capacity for both independent and collaborative action, and to educate them to explore and understand the natural, social and cultural worlds in which they live. In so doing, the College seeks to foster in its students qualities of intellect, creativity and character, that they may live fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and their world.


The Mission of Franklin & Marshall Orientation Program

Franklin & Marshall takes pride in the attention we pay to the transitions students and families face in adjusting to college life. This process begins with admissions to F&M and continues through much of the first year. Through a comprehensive and collaborative effort, we welcome you to our community of learners and attempt to orient you to the liberal arts mission and values of F&M, including an understanding and appreciation of diversity, personal wellness, civility, and honesty.

Our goals in designing "Beginnings and Orientation Programs" are as follows:

  • To create a sense of belonging to Franklin & Marshall, to help you understand the values, traditions, and distinctive ethos of the College,

  • To provide you with a strong sense of competency, familiarity, and comfort in attending college at Franklin & Marshall,

  • To help you understand of the College's Liberal Arts mission, including the academic origins of Franklin & Marshall and an historical sense of its liberal arts tradition,

  • To raise your self-awareness of your goals and expectations of College,

  • To communicate the expectations of the College regarding academic responsibility, honesty, citizenship, community service, and leadership,

  • To encourage liberal arts ideals of tolerance, communality, and honesty in all endeavors,

  • To provide models to help you achieve success in your academic life, social relationships, and out-of-class learning experiences,

  • To provide opportunities for you to become acquainted with other students, faculty and staff at the College, and representatives of the Lancaster community,

  • To assist your family to understand the adjustments students in transitioning to college as well as provide support and confidence.