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About Us

The Oriflamme is the official yearbook of Franklin & Marshall College.

A student run organization, the Oriflamme is dedicated to preserving the year at Franklin & Marshall College for alumni and future students.

The Oriflamme Yearbook chronicles events from Freshman Orientation to Commecement. The product of its work is photograph oriented book distributed to students in the summer. Coveringing Student Life, Greek Life, Clubs and Organizations, Faculty, Sports,and Seniors, the Oriflamme produces a concise summary of the year at F&M.

In recent years, the Oriflamme has received many honors and awards that distinguish it from other university yearbooks.

  • The Oriflamme is a three-time winner of the Best Media Publication Award.

  • The Oriflamme is a two-time inductee on the Wall of Fame in the OSA.

  • The Oriflamme has received the Benjamin D. Peralta ’89 award for being “a recognized student organization that has contributed in a significant or unique way to Franklin & Marshall College or the Lancaster community.”

  • Davor Photography nationally recognized the 2005 Oriflamme as one of the 12 best yearbooks in the nation by honoring it with the Gallery Award.