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Unanticipated Time to Reflect Thanks to Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy did a lot more than flood roads, close workplaces and cancel classes.  She forced many of us to stay indoors, derailing our normal life routines.  In my case, this meant my husband and me keeping our three children busy with craft projects, board games and, pending power loss, an array of Disney movies while keeping in our thoughts those whose lives were being devastated by the storm.

Making the Most of Hospital Volunteering & Shadowing

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Our sophomore preceptorship program at LGH is up and running for another year . . .  Some of you have secured volunteer hours at one of our local healthcare facilities . . .  Some of you are volunteering with F&M EMS or another rescue squad . . .  All of you, we hope, have heard by now that gaining “clinical” experience, meaning experience interacting with patients and staff in a healthcare setting, is crucial to your life as a pre-health student.

The Move from Networking to Advocacy

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Imagine having a robust and dynamic network of people in your corner.  Each member of this professional network interacts frequently and stays connected over time.  When something new or interesting is going on in your career field, the network spreads the news, and, when facing a professional challenge, members of the network brainstorm strategies.

From "Pre-Med" to Something More

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Earlier this week I had the honor of welcoming the seventeen new members of the Benjamin Rush Honor Society at a simple but powerful induction ceremony in Ware College House.  I said a few words at the top of the hour before turning the spotlight over to officers Dylan Smith ‘13 and Jennifer Gay ‘13, who spoke eloquently about the role the Society plays on campus, encouraging academic excellence while fostering community among F&M’s population of pre-health students.

Forming a Personal Board of Directors

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The role of a board of directors in the smooth operation of an organization cannot be overstated.  Populated well and led effectively, a board will steer organizations through financial crises, leadership transitions and customer relations campaigns.  Ultimately, competent directors directly impact the success of the organizations they advise.